Crickets and grasshoppers

Posted 20 Sep 2023 by Jon

How to tell the difference between crickets and grasshoppers

In the summer and early autumn you will be familiar with the chirping in the grasses...

Come and join us on this journey into wildness...

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RWT Pentwyn

A place of hope for people and nature

Imagine a landscape buzzing, chirping and crawling with wildlife. A landscape that brings and maintains hope- hope for a better world for nature and people.

The land at Pentwyn will be transformed into a humming, buzzing and chirruping oasis where the calls of threatened birds can be heard once more.

Wild Mosaic is part of a wider campaign to support the restoration of full Pentwyn site (65 hectacres). You can find out more and other ways to help at

Pentwyn future
© Jeroen Helmer / Ark Nature

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Marsh into Lugg

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Hilltop Corner

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