Autumn fungi in Pentwyn

Posted 20 Dec 2022 by Jon

Autumn is a time to see fungi. Here are some examples of fungi in the Pentwyn site, and some of the more surprising wonders they hold

Chanterelle being eaten by a slug

Come and join us on this journey into wildness...

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RWT Pentwyn

A place of hope for people and nature

Imagine a landscape buzzing, chirping and crawling with wildlife. A landscape that brings and maintains hope- hope for a better world for nature and people.

The land at Pentwyn will be transformed into a humming, buzzing and chirruping oasis where the calls of threatened birds can be heard once more.

Wild Mosaic is part of a wider campaign to support the restoration of full Pentwyn site (65 hectacres). You can find out more and other ways to help at

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